Deal-O-Round creators:

Teaam Bad Wolf
Csaba TothTechnology, coding, website
Mike TwoheyTechnology, coding, design
Tim YoppManagement, concepts,
Vernon BurtCoding, game levels
Amanda YoppLogo design


Danny C. YunUpcoming feature ideas
59 Days of Codeinducing the project
Museo font (700), freeUsed in many scenes (old PlayN game)
FreeSans Semi BoldUsed on some achievement (old PlayN game), leadership board badges (old PlayN game)
CardsTrue Type Font by Gyula Zsigri, used for the card suit drawing and the joker crads (new Flutter game)
MusicalsCurvy font by Brain Eaters Fonts, used for title drawing of the home page and the game over page (new Flutter game)
Roboto Condensedby Google, used for drawing the card values and all the information except the Musicals font titles
Kevin MacLeodall music
Sound effects from
robinhood76dog howl effect
fartheststarclay ship effect (single effect)
artordieclay ships (long effect in the background)
heigh-hoofireworks effect (one blow)